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Tuttle Proposal

The Story

I cannot tell you how much joy I have posting this Fayetteville Arkansas proposal today. Cody and Mariana are great friends who deeply love the Lord. I went out to Lake Wilson located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Cody put me on a mission to get a picnic basket, hummus pita bread, and sparkling water from a local natural foods store. After everything was in place, they showed up around 30 minutes after I was in place (buried in the trees behind them). Cody took time to soak in the moment with his future fiancee before he passed her a note which she read. Then, he met her with a hug and dropped to one knee.. Before Cody could even ask, Mariana said yes about five times!! Then, Cody opened the ring box. Mariana was THRILLED (you can see the look on her face!) After they had a moment together we took a few cute posed photos, and they were off to go hike around the rest of the lake. After completing the trail, Cody surprised Mariana yet again with both of their families, champagne, and lots of celebration. All in all, it was a great way to spend 2 hours of my Sunday afternoon. Thanks Cody & Mariana for letting Jet and I document such an intimate and special moment.


April 26, 2015