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Ethan & Kenna

The Story

Ethan & Kenna are from Texas. They met in Texas while working at a cute little Starbucks together. After they met, Kenna attended SCAD in Georgia, Ethan continued school in Texas. Long distance, their relationship continued and their love for each other grew and grew! In October, Ethan & Kenna went to Seattle, WA and visited the original Starbucks. While outside of the Starbucks, Ethan surprised Kenna by proposing to her! She was SHOCKED and so happy!! Weeks later, someone at the internet site Buzzfeed found out about their story, and posted her proposal images, as well as some of the images from our session, on their site! What a cool story! Ethan & Kenna, congrats on your HUGE engagement. I am praying for you two and that your marriage is an absolute blast!


November 01, 2014