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Lawn and Garden Edging System

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The present invention provides an improved lawn and garden edging system. It includes an edging device, a trough, and an electrical coupler. The trough is placed between the adjacent lawn and the edging apparatus. It has two parallel upright sides, a flat bottom, and a locking mechanism to hold it in place. The trough is preferably made of grass impermeable plastic or opaque plastic.

How do I get a straight edge border for my garden?

The edging apparatus is designed to allow flexibility, so that different appearances can be achieved. The edging device is also easily installed. The trough has a strong edge that prevents plants from blending into the grass or weeds. This prevents the migration of bark chips or mulch into the lawn, purchasing their products in Australia are so easy as they have got many distributors.

The edging apparatus is placed around a flower bed or shrub bed. It has illumination lamps and a number of watering nozzles. It also has an electrical coupler to connect it to a control unit. This allows you to place a discrete illuminating light or a water sprinkler in the edging device.

A domestic client wanted to provide an edging system for growing plants in pots. He wanted to have gravel and soil segments for the edging. He also wanted a flexible system.

He desired a system that was easy to install and to service. It was also important for him to have a sturdy edging. He was able to achieve this by choosing EcoLat. The EcoLat edging system is sturdy, lightweight, and UV resistant. It comes in various lengths, colors, and finishes.

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