Gareth Patterson Photos | Arkansas Wedding Photographer
Gareth is an Arkansas wedding photographer who loves to work alongside southern brides and organizations.
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Getting married soon? I’ve got you covered.

Dreamy, romantic images that capture a natural look at the uniqueness of every relationship.

Combining technical skill and artistic vision, I create images that convey the life behind the moment, bringing colorful detail and distinctive character to every image. Every wedding has a story—remember yours forever.

We loved having Gareth at our wedding. It felt like having a close friend by our side, he allowed the day to flow and didn’t force it or over demand anything of anyone.

– Tori Rowe, 2016 BRIDE

Gareth was so comfortable to work with and always shot with our best interest in mind based on what was natural for us. He has such a talent for finding the best pose, angle and lighting and did an incredible job of capturing our personalities.

– Alyssa Foster, 2016 BRIDE

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